Sunday, April 15, 2007

Be careful with what you wish...

Mai anul trecut imi doream ceva ce acum intr-un fel sau altul am...Acum, imi doresc sa am ce aveam anul trecut, adica sa nu am acel ceva ce am acum.E amuzant cum uneori capeti ce iti doresti fara sa stii ca nu stii de fapt ce implica dorintele tale si cat rau iti pot face, cat rau iti poti face singur, involuntar...

"Tell me who do you think you see?
Am I still the girl that you thought I'd be?
Do you care that I might be for real?" (this one goes for my other personalities, the ones that still wish and want...)

Don't ever wish upon a star, because stars fall sooner or later...(acum nu-mi mai doresc decat sa-mi doresc)

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