Wednesday, November 01, 2006

American support!

Defend International Free Speech, Right to Question and Criticize Religious Ideologies!
Across the world, religious groups and their supporters are attempting to muzzle any remarks which criticize, question or “mock” their beliefs. They cite a number of disingenuous rationales – everything from combating “hate speech” to the claim that we must “respect” religious opinions.
The Romanian Humanists are asking for international support in their campaign to stop the latest effort by government and religious authorities to muzzle criticism of religion. That country’s Chamber of Deputies may soon adopt a rule that stipulates: “Any form, means, act or action of religious defamation and enmity, as well as any public offense against religious symbols, shall be prohibited in Romania.”
An information release from the Romanian Humanists warns: “Should this article be adopted by the Chamber of Deputies, it would impose serious limitations on the fundamental liberties of the human being of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. Books, works of art, movies, plays, concerts and rock groups could then be easily banned. To all those who treasure the freedom, the critical intellect, and religious tolerance of values which have become dominant in Europe after centuries of religious conflict and persecution, this new censorship is unacceptable.”
To defend free speech, the Romanian Humanists have launched a campaign known as “Solidarity for Freedom of Conscience.” They are asking for international support, and request that e-mail be sent to:
Among the US supporters of the campaign is Dr. Fred Whitehead, Vice President of the International Committee to Protect Freethinkers. He has sent the following statement:
“I fully support the current protest against the proposed law in Romania, which would prohibit any defamation of religion or public offense against religious symbols. This runs directly contrary to norms of freedom of press, speech and conscience, widely adopted in all civilized countries.”

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