Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I'm in a "bla-bla" mood!Am fost la bunici, m-am simtit bine, dar acum m-a luat o stare d-aia de plictiseala totala, incat...am zis sa dau la nimereala search pe google la "boring poems".Si am gasit asta:

The Outsider
Late October 2001

You're so boring
You make me feel like snoring
A good friend should be loyal
but you make me recoil
It's not much fun
watching grass grow in the sun
No, it's not much fun at all
watching paint dry on the wall
I need something to kill the pain
on a picnic with you, I wish it'd rain
You're driving me insane
because you're so lame.

Mie mi se pare chiar funny.Enjoy!

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